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[Nov 7th]
[ mood | awake ]

I have a rumbly in my tumbly.
TomTom came over today and we managed to finish all the study we set out to do. That was everything for Chem bar reaction kinetics. Don't know a thing, won't know a thing. Will endeavour to ace the remaining 75% of the exam... Heh. Or you know, pull crud out of my rear.
And we watched the entire season 2 of Futurama, stopped to go on an excursion to find food, facebooked and still managed to finish at 11:30, That's a solid 12 hours.
Reading silly posts on the discussion boards made us feel better.
I'm looking for a pass XD

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[Nov 5th]
I'm sitting on the uni outskirts in the car with my laptop propped on somehow on the steering wheel trying to intercept stray waves on the ANU network.
I hopefully just scraped a pass on my 2nd exam and right now I'm trying to decide whether to go home and study for the 3rd or just to resign to failing and watch Futurama or maybe Weeds. The idea that if I tried to study I could still fail isn't much motivation or heck I might even pull through but the idea of salvaging my grades isn't deterring me much from Futurama either. I know that if I still cared about doing well in school, I'd be getting straight HDs, Uni's not that hard. It's just difficult to stay motivated. Especially with ample distraction and non mandatory classes...
I'm still all indecisive about what I'll do after this first degree, I'll either work, somehow, desk job, ew... or continue studying because Science degree? Hah. And I'm still tossing up between Architecture and Medicine and I've weighed up the cons and pros for each. Maybe I'll let my grades now decide. If i qualify for Med, I do, if not I study a skill which will plunge me into a workplace with high competition for work... Unless I go to the states and design McMalls and McMansions. Mmm. McMansion. And at least then I don't have to learn a whole new language and hell I could keep working for Westfield.

Argh. Damn ANU network.
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[Sep 14th]
*is at work* is bored and Yasin isn't on gmail chat to annoy like he usually is. At that, no one is.

Where's my laptop??

There was a boy who's mother was lost before and he was just so cute I could keep him! He drew me a picture of him and me which I'm going to pin up on my corkboard. Sooooooooo adorable. His mother was so stricken she burst into tears when she met him here at the concierge desk so I had security get her a glass of water.
He was adopted too, but she was just so glad he was safe and so proud that when he realised he was lost he went straight to a shopkeeper and told them he couldn't find his mother. Most parents get angry when they meet their kids but she was crying and she would not let go of his hand. She loved him to bits and it was the sweetest thing.

He also drew this really awesome monster that he coloured orange and green and I wanted that picture as well, but he seemed to like it as much as I did.

Children's art is a style I think that no adult could perfect. And it would look pretty cool as a standalone style, I think.
Anyway, I wanted to keep him.

There are young boys walking around in suits and I can't help but think it had something to do with the modelling comp... Damn it. Maybe I should have gone in it. I wouldn't have heard the end of it... maybe next time...
What if the cute guys from the wedding expo were there? I could have hired strippers for my sister's hens' night.
What am I going to do for that by the way? Ideas?
I might ask Jason.
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[Sep 14th]
Sometime in the near future, next year, or the year after, I'ma be iching to move out with friends.
Laura, I'm looking at you, pilates wench. I make you study and you make me exercise. And we both eat glorious food... that being the packet noodles we can afford :P
I want a Uni lodge apartment... they're cool. Wonder if you can request to be with certain people. I'd assume so, right?
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[Jul 26th]
Ah. So uni's back and it feels like I never had 4 or 5 or 6 weeks off. I need one more textbook and the chemistry department gypped us with our chem. bricks again, they were about a week late. “Never happen again” humph.
In other news Ben’s moving rooms. His new room, former rumpus room, is twice the size and is uber cool – this is probably due to the fact that it’s different, really, or maybe just not as dirty/messy as his old room was/is/something. Last night was spent moving his crap stuff. Today we’re going to move furniture. Moving crap stuff took about 4 hours and it’s still not done…
As of the end of the year, I’ll be a Med Sci student. I had my interview with my degree coordinator and as filled in the necessary paperwork for me to transfer. Again, as a PhB student, I’m bending the rules. I didn’t meet degree requirements –slightly- because I changed from psych to maths and if you change from anything, it has to be coupled with life physics… which we all thought is gay so it’s changing anyway.
Anyway. I need a plant in my room to give me moisture... my skin is dry and my eczema has flares up all over the place. Not as fantastic as X-men, I can assure you, unless X-men were really the antagonists and the losing protagonist was my skin… yeah, maybe then.
I have 9-5 days at uni with lunch at 1. On some days I have a 1 hour break somewhere else if I’m lucky. I’m actually enjoying 2.5/4 of my subjects. Chemistry can suck my imaginary balls. Maths I half like because all I ever do in it is draw and distract people.

Going to go watch Tales of Earthsea with the boy now so turrah.
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[Jul 18th]

Now these are Ali cakes.
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[Jul 9th]
TT-TT I just cut myself with aluminium foil... Phat paper foil cut... IT BLEEEEDS
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[Jul 3rd]
I have meh new glasses. I tried on a gazillion frames and then I got silly and tried on outrageous colours. I am now getting glasses the same colour as my mobile: crimson, baby. They're thick plastic frames the D&G bling on the side. $318 after discount on the frames, $498 for full set of frames and lenses. And they sit right on my lopsided ears! I know that all seems pretty steep, but I had found a plainer pair of glasses which were really just as nice but they were a more expensive prada pair, though the lenses there would have been cheaper and I would have had 10% discount... Hmm.. I think I really like my glasses. No regrets!
I have to remember to bring my health cover card to claim more money off them, yus.
I was going to get contact lenses but having found such expensive frames... I'll just leave it until next time and just keep my old pair of glasses in the car as a emergency pair when I find myself having to drive home after the sun's set and I've only got prescription sunnies to wear...

Speaking of, a customer came in today (no I wasn't working, but I was bored) and had the same sunnies as me, prescription and everything. We got onto talking about that and had a lot in common. Even eye strength.

In other news I think I have a cavity... Which means I'll have to go to the dentist after not visiting any dentist since .... yr 4? So that's 9 years people. On the other hand I visit my optomotrist yearly, but at least they bulk bill, I was sure I had to pay /something/ but they took my medicare card and that was it. Sweeeeet.

I got the best phone message from an old online friend who randomly keeps in touch and makes me feel goofy. I call my mailbox to hear "I'm cooking magi noodles, oriental flavour, I thought I'd call you to let you know." He calls me randomly like this when other people would be flipping through their phones thinking "Oh I haven't spoken to her in ages, I probably never will again" *delete*
Man he's funny.
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[Jun 28th]
Before I eat anything in the morning and it swells up to its usual ginormous pregnant-looking form, my stummy has abs. Whoo. Well, sort of not really. But we're getting there...
Am up to Victory Road thingy in pokepoke and I've never liked that so I started playing FF3 - All by myself! So pretty, even if they are chibis and all the boys look like girls and not so scary... not as much as Zelda anyway. Who wants to share the love with some DS Wi-Fi friend codes, ne ne?
I'm scrap booking for Phuong's wedding atm. Funzors. No ink left after I'm done printing. Buying magazines today to chop up. At the moment Phuong hasn't even considered what the boys will be wearing. She wants white/green orchid lily theme so I'm thinking cream suits for the men with ivory vests and the light green tie... or summat? And a little miniature suit for the pageboy complete with itsy bitsy little green bowtie, nawww.
Melon wafers... aren't that great but are addictive.
Phuong and I are going wedding dress sampling. I'll be in a wedding dress to :D :D
She really wants to have a butterfly release now that I described what LJ told me about the refrigerated butterflies... oh man. I won't be releasing any because I'll have a bridesmaid bouquet... but... *wibbles*
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[Jun 20th]
At work. Realised I forgot my glasses which means a) I can't see, b) I won't be able to drive home in the evening and c) I won't be able to read the subtitles in the russian film greyswandir and I are seeing tonight... PEH! So Ben, who's meant to be driving off to Sydney to fly to China has my house key and is going to pick up my glasses for me while I sit here at work... Gneeerr.

I had a Muffin Break savoury muffin for lunch, it was the Sundried tomato, olives and parmisan one and it was good. It takes even better with the sour cream they gave me, but it probably requires a fork to eat properly.
There is now a snickers bar looking at me but I don't know who it belongs to... + I just shouldn't eat it.

I got the amber/orange bulbs for my rear indicators so now everything is a go-go-mobile with my Mudd.

Someone, anyone, keep me entertained...
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[Jun 15th]
Awww. Someone editted Dara's wikipedia article. We no longer own 3 african bull elephants. However, if you wiki Merici college, the girls have apparently been having a "sexy time" with Marist. Hah... so hard to believe... ON SO MANY LEVELS!
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[Jun 13th]
Just read the email about the sexual assault at ANU. The victim was probably walking back to her college or something after a night out in Civic. Or you know vainly trying to study in the library at 2am, yeh. not. Kinda scary though, you'd think you'd be safe back at the ANU, Civic, no, but ANU's sort of like your home suburb. Kinda scary. Was he waiting for someone to happen by or in light of the recent bout of car thefts, was he lifting a car just to 'get lucky'. Yeh not cool.
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[Jun 13th]
Because everybody loves Tamaki! Squeee!
So I just finished off Ouran from where we left off at the ... uh. house. And for some reason I am very itchy! GAH!
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[May 26th]
I'm at work with my shoes off. Ahhhhhh. Naughty.
It bothers me that Hoyts has just printed "pirates" on their tickets for Pirates of the Caribean. ...Because we all know that pirates is the title of another 'movie'. I'm going to go see it tonight. Yey. With Ben's dad! So that's a first.
Was looking at new rear lights and indicators for my car. Mudds going to get a make over... Yey.
Mudd and the letterbox are no longer on speaking terms. I scraped the rear end of the car against the mailbox.

Nerrrr. Retailers are complainging about discounts which they've consented to?? WTF?

My feet hurt and I'm here for 1 more hour... then I have training... boo.

What do I want for lunch? I'm avoiding love salad because that was the disgruntled retailer. Boo.

Man I have so much work to do..................... and I should start exam study......... BAHHHH.

[Edit] That is I'm seeing pirates of the caribean. With Ben and his dad. Ok. Clarified.
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[Apr 2nd]
There's a bloody cricket somewhere in my bed, I swear it, damn it and it won't shut up!
On another note, I feel a bit like Moses when I hit F11. Mac users, feeeeeeeeeeel me! X3

*continues to spam*
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Update [Feb 22nd]
I verified my paypal after a year of using it.
Ironically, now that I have to choose something to wear to school, I get ready faster in the morning; I only need to get up 15 minutes before we leave :P
PhB camp was bitchin'. We went swimming in the water. Waves were awesome, water was warm. Days were windy. Bastards. Kiddies brought goon.
Uni has begun. It sort of sucks because I've got two fat fat fat... like 2000 page textbooks and I've still got to get another... And a labcoat. Why didn't I steal one from Dara?
Had Nando's for Dinner with Ben. Gotta love the Peri-Peri. So glad we have a nando's here now.

Fuck that storm was awesome. The lights went out :D
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[Feb 6th]
Should be getting my period today or tomorrow. Hmmmm. If not chaos will almost certainly ensue.
BAH! Direct Debit Dishonor Fee = $45 and twice that is $90 down the loo. And all because Paypal took money out of the bank for funds and it hasn't gone through to paypal yet so Paypal used my debit card to pay for purchases effectively overdrawing me. WAAAAH! $90!!! I wouldn't care if I wasn't poor...

In other news I should be getting my macbook pro tonightsies. OHHH. I have staff meeting so am going shopping with fruityfreshness and then bumming until work meeting at 6. Sigh. I Finish at 11 people! But have a few shops to go to... I shall make shopping list very soon. On Thursday I should be looking at a phat and also fat sum of money coming into the bank which should help me pay for a jumper I just bought on Ebay, my sister's birthday present and stationery. And I'm still waiting to be reimbursed for my uniform tailoring.

I have P-off course with Benny on Sunday. V-day is looming and I've planned his card and the food I'll make for our Love Hina Tokyo-U experience. I'm lame, so sue me. I'm just making his lunch for him, really, nothing new.

Have brought Dara skirts to work today because Ivy needs one. The one she gave me I had cropped to an obscenely short length and I remembered that she has longer legs than I so I grabbed my only slightly longer skirt for her as well so she can choose. If she chooses the shortest skirt, mm smeksy.

Blah. I'm going to go browze autumn fashion now..
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[Jan 31st]
I like customers who ask you how you are, don't complain, or calmly explain to you their situation, or happily abide by our rules and conditions. But if they yell at you, complain, hold you up or stubbornly refuse to believe that the computer's maths is more accurate than their maths, then they are fucktards. Absolute fucktards.
In my position I cop the most verbal abuse - money is involved and people are apes when it comes to money and because half the time they can't see me and decide to yell through the intercom. Joyous.

In other news. I want my puppy. I drew a puppy at work. Also sketched a jaguar (carmake), and a motorbike. I noticed that Bec pinned up my retarded Racoon... I only discovered that after my lunch break.

Saw a lot of people. Saw Katrina and Jacinta, then was visited by Ben, then my tute walked by. I should get in touch with the Cataldos and let them know my numbers changed and that I may be available to tutor should they need my after my timetable is confirmed.

Meanwhile, last night was one those of those everything will piss me off nights and so I had Vodka when we went out to dinner. I felt like Vokda.

I still need to get a pressie for Liz and I realised that Jillzy buggered off before we could do anything or I could give her anything. So you'll get a belated oekaki b'day card sometime soon. Or tonight, depending on how fast I can rearrage my room. Need to clean the study as well.

It's almost Lunar (commonly and improperly known as Chinese) New year is coming up ie Tet and the spirits won't look after your house if they believe that you don't look after the house. So clean the house it is so that when this year's spirits come down to inspect the house, they'll think we're good people. Ha.

I'm also starting to peel.

I will be getting my Mooks at some stage! Yey!

- Ha and I also like the customers on the other end of the intercom who make me laugh. Like the guy just then who pushed his mate out the door to read the rego then threatened to drive off without him. Then they shouted "Thanks Cuteeee" When they revved off. Wankers. But funny wankers.
And I also like the ones who realise that I'm only the messenger and that I shouldn't be shot. Hmm.

TRINA we need to start organising movie day properly. But let me clean my room...

OH DEAR GOD I'M WITH PAULINE HANSON; BAN IMMIGRATION! Seriously, I don't know how to speak osgosbvdosbgviwyrunpcdopw-ese through the intercom to you, dickheads. Speak English or at least make an effort to LEARN if you want to live here. Harsh but I've just gotten 7 straight people with broken English buzzing me on the intercom. Fair enough if you're a tourist, but to drive and all that here. I dunno, how can they read road signs and stuff. Hmmm hmmm...

On another note, you'll get booked if you park illegally (like on zebra lines or in handicaped spaces without a handicaped sticker or along the sides of the carpark etcetc) in any Carpark icl. Westfield carparks, damn it people. We have signs that say Park in Bays only. That's actually an offence (code 360)
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Oh yeah, she's red hot. Beach. [Jan 29th]
Let it be known that it was Ben's idea not to bring sunscreen.
I don't think I've ever been in so much pain. I am burnt from my shoulders down to my ankles. I can't sit down because my arse is so burnt.

On Thursday I took the day off work, Trina and Ben helped me dump off a lot of my stuff at home. That night we celebrated Ben's Pa's birthday and Shaz and Nick came down so it was muchos fun for a long time. Conked out at 2am or so. Then we woke up at 5:30 to leave for Eden at 6:30.

We got to Cooma at 8 and Ben yelled at me because nothing was open and we didn't need to leave so early. So I let him nap until 9:30 then we got subway for breaky. I left footprints on his windscreen, humph.
Off we went and I navigated splendidly and we got to Eden at 12:30.

We ate and explored and did beachy things until 5:30 and we checked into the park and set up our tent.
It took us maybe... an hour. We didn't have a hammer to put the pegs into the ground with so Ben found a muddy rock from the lake behind us and used that until one of the other campers finally stopped laughing for long enough to lend us his hammer.
We set up the tent inside out, but weren't fussed so we left it.

That night the tent squashed us as gale force gusts flattened the tent. So in the morning we turned the tent the right way out, pegged down the ropes, which were hidden before, and had no more issues. I made a decent clothes line too. Go me.

Saturday was downright cold so we just went bushwalking.

We woke up early again on Sunday and took everything down, packed everything up. It was pretty warm so we headed down to the beach for a swim etcetc.
Ate, sunbathed which was the stupidest idea ever, dug 2 huge holes connecting them with a tunnel and built a pretty awesome sandcastle. Then we jumped waves and dried off a bit and left.

Ben drove to Cooma and then I drove back to Canberra from there. In a manual car. I don't know where his gears are everything looks like its in one place. So when I change gears to third, I push it into fifth. So we decided that I'd put my foot on the clutch and he'd change the gears. Worked. I drove over a dead possum on the road. For some reason we were laughing for ages. I hate traffic lights though. I stalled twice and did a massive wheel spin another time. I had one good take off the time that I had /no/ cars behind me. I parked the car in Ben's usual parking spot and I parked straight, oshgosh. Mathew saw the park, ahah...
Home. And bathed ourselves in Aloe Vera.

All in all was really fun aside from the fact I can't sit, stand, walk, lean, lay down or anything without my skin just screaming at me. Bras are exceptionally bad.
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[Jan 17th]

Why doesn't anyone ever tell you "Eating sushi in the payparking booth is a bad idea because the booth will forever smell like soysauce"? WHY?!??!?!

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