Virgo (virgo_cherries) wrote,

Oh yeah, she's red hot. Beach.

Let it be known that it was Ben's idea not to bring sunscreen.
I don't think I've ever been in so much pain. I am burnt from my shoulders down to my ankles. I can't sit down because my arse is so burnt.

On Thursday I took the day off work, Trina and Ben helped me dump off a lot of my stuff at home. That night we celebrated Ben's Pa's birthday and Shaz and Nick came down so it was muchos fun for a long time. Conked out at 2am or so. Then we woke up at 5:30 to leave for Eden at 6:30.

We got to Cooma at 8 and Ben yelled at me because nothing was open and we didn't need to leave so early. So I let him nap until 9:30 then we got subway for breaky. I left footprints on his windscreen, humph.
Off we went and I navigated splendidly and we got to Eden at 12:30.

We ate and explored and did beachy things until 5:30 and we checked into the park and set up our tent.
It took us maybe... an hour. We didn't have a hammer to put the pegs into the ground with so Ben found a muddy rock from the lake behind us and used that until one of the other campers finally stopped laughing for long enough to lend us his hammer.
We set up the tent inside out, but weren't fussed so we left it.

That night the tent squashed us as gale force gusts flattened the tent. So in the morning we turned the tent the right way out, pegged down the ropes, which were hidden before, and had no more issues. I made a decent clothes line too. Go me.

Saturday was downright cold so we just went bushwalking.

We woke up early again on Sunday and took everything down, packed everything up. It was pretty warm so we headed down to the beach for a swim etcetc.
Ate, sunbathed which was the stupidest idea ever, dug 2 huge holes connecting them with a tunnel and built a pretty awesome sandcastle. Then we jumped waves and dried off a bit and left.

Ben drove to Cooma and then I drove back to Canberra from there. In a manual car. I don't know where his gears are everything looks like its in one place. So when I change gears to third, I push it into fifth. So we decided that I'd put my foot on the clutch and he'd change the gears. Worked. I drove over a dead possum on the road. For some reason we were laughing for ages. I hate traffic lights though. I stalled twice and did a massive wheel spin another time. I had one good take off the time that I had /no/ cars behind me. I parked the car in Ben's usual parking spot and I parked straight, oshgosh. Mathew saw the park, ahah...
Home. And bathed ourselves in Aloe Vera.

All in all was really fun aside from the fact I can't sit, stand, walk, lean, lay down or anything without my skin just screaming at me. Bras are exceptionally bad.
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