Virgo (virgo_cherries) wrote,


I verified my paypal after a year of using it.
Ironically, now that I have to choose something to wear to school, I get ready faster in the morning; I only need to get up 15 minutes before we leave :P
PhB camp was bitchin'. We went swimming in the water. Waves were awesome, water was warm. Days were windy. Bastards. Kiddies brought goon.
Uni has begun. It sort of sucks because I've got two fat fat fat... like 2000 page textbooks and I've still got to get another... And a labcoat. Why didn't I steal one from Dara?
Had Nando's for Dinner with Ben. Gotta love the Peri-Peri. So glad we have a nando's here now.

Fuck that storm was awesome. The lights went out :D
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