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Cherries and more Cherries!


27 August
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adoration, air hockey, american chewing gum, anime, anime music, annoying laura, art, baking, bathing suits, baths, big brands, black-tie events, books, boxes, bracelets, bubblegum, bubbles, burning things, cafes, candles, car trips, celophane, cg art, chai tea, cherries, cherry picking, chocolate, christmas, coffee, comics, computers, cookies, cooking, crayons, creating, days off school, designer stuff, diamonds, dinner, drawing, dresses, dvds, earrings, fire, flirting, flowers, food, formals, freebies, friends, getting mail, getting pampered, girl's night in, girl's night out, gold, graffiti art, graphic design, guys, head-butting, hot chocolate, iced chocolate, irony, japanese stuff, jeans, jubi-jubes, juice, junk, laughing, learning, leaves, leunig, lip gloss, love, lunch, making icons, manga, manicures, milk & honey, milkshakes, mint hot chocolate, mint mudcake, money, movies, my md, my sunglasses, my toilet, myself, oekaki, origami, paint, parties, peanuts, pens, pez, photo filters, photography, photoshop, pictures, pizza, planning my wedding, pretty things, pretzels, purfume, quizes, rain, reading, romantic comedies, roses, scarfs, scissors, scoping out prospective grooms, secrets, shopping, short shorts, shorts, singing, sleeping, sleepovers, snacks, snoopy, socks, soundtracks, squash, sticky tape, strawberries, stuff, stuffed animals, subway, sunflowers, sushi, t-shirts, talking, television, the beach, the mall, throwing things, toys, trying on random stuff, trying to burn chop-sticks, user pics, video games, video taping stuff, volleyball, watching tv, wedding dresses, weddings, white gold, wrapping paper, wrapping presents, writing